Newcomers are very welcome, and are encouraged to find their own path and pace.

For Quakers, worship simply means sitting quietly and leaving your mind as open as you can to the promptings of your deepest self.  It is an opportunity to try to put aside current cares and contemplate what is really important to you.  And if you find an hour too long, feel free to leave when you have had enough.

Quakers do not have clergy, we are all equals, and anyone may speak if they feel their contribution will deepen and enrich the worship for everyone. We sit in a circle and settle into silence.  At times someone may feel moved to give ministry, that is to say to speak, pray or find inspiration from a religious text or poem. 

After the meeting, there is time for coffee and a chat, and there is usually an opportunity to ask questions if you wish. 


Watford Quakers have made some excellent videos about Quaker Meetings and being a Quaker.